NoBrainer is a modular content management
system. It allows Fearless interactive to give
our clients instant access to the web site
admin facilities they most often require,
radically reducing development time and
costs.The following modules are
currently available:

  • Portfolio module
    This module was developed with
    creative clients in mind. It's primary
    function is to display work of various
    media. Some examples of ideal users
    are advertising agencies, film companies,
    graphic designers, artists and sound engineers.
    The Portfolio module's intuitive interface allows
    users to very simply create infinite categories and
    subcategories and add work items to them. Each item can
    have multiple media elements associated with it. Some of the
    media types supported are animation (swf), image (jpg / gif), video (mov / flv / mpg / avi) and sound (mp3).

  • Products module
    The product module allows clients to easily manage categories and sub categories and the products in those categories. There is also an option to manage brands. The product descriptors have been designed to facilitate all levels of variance within products, and the ability to specify prices and sale prices for each product or product variance. The product module also includes the orders module which allows end-users to submit orders and the administrator to easily monitor those orders.

  • Orders module
    The order module currently ships levee-free with the product module. It allows you to view details for incoming orders. It is generally set up with an email notification for the administrator, for incoming orders.

  • News module
    The news module is a simple news management tool. It includes an archive facility and the ability to add multiple media to a news article.

  • Highest scores module
    The highest scores module is a simple Highest Scores recording device designed for online games. It allows the client to create highest scores tables for infinite games. Updating scores is a simple business too.

  • Pic-holder module
    This module arose out of a common user need for flash elements that loaded a series of images. The most common use is on page header type details. The module allows the administrator to create sets of images that can be loaded into a control or page.

  • Recipe module
    This one allows the administrator to manage recipe categories and the recipes in them.

  • Download Manager module
    This module allows the administrator to manage download categories and the downloads in those categories.

  • Page Admin module
    This module allows users to manage general content on specific pages. The user can manage the body copy with a robust rich text editor and media for the page. Its useful for pages with non repeated text content (ie. home, contact, introduction pages, etc).

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